Ten Things We Learned About the ‘Other’ Ronson

Well, first, she’s not really a Ronson; she’s a Dexter-Jones, the product of Ann Dexter-Jones and Mick Jones, whom Mrs. Dexter-Jones married after divorcing real estate entrepreneur Laurence Ronson. But Annabelle Dexter-Jones has some famous half-siblings: Samantha Ronson DJs and dates Lindsay Lohan. Charlotte Ronson has a clothing line. Mark Ronson produced Amy Winehouse‘s Grammy-winning album and dated Daisy Lowe

Often spotted downtown, this other Ronson’s squinty eyes and high cheekbones make her stand out next to her siblings. (Her brother Alexander also keeps a low profile.) And while she’s rarely heard from in the press, BlackBook did a Q&A with Ms. Dexter-Jones, which finally allows us to bring you ten things that will help you get to know her better. 

1. She is currently attending Bard. "The only distractions are the ones I create myself," she says of being away from the city. "There’s like one bar. And growing up here, there are too many people, too many cracks to fall in."

2. She did not spend her entire childhood uptown. Unlike her siblings, she spent her formative years living downtown when her parents decided to move from Central Park West and 74th Street when Ms. Dexter-Jones was 11 or 12 years old. 

3. Being a Ronson sibling has helped her social life. "It’s great having so many siblings because I’m automatically popular with all of my friends. I don’t have to worry about that," she says. "And just being the youngest, I learn so much from them. There are lots of things that you learn that you only can learn on your own, but it’s nice to have that support system always looking out for you, especially in New York."

4. She spends a lot of her time at the Corner Bistro. 

5. She got a tattoo of an "S" when she was 19 years old for the initial of a guy she was dating. "It was my first love, so I got an “S” and we broke up, and I turned it into an “Oops.”" 

6. Which her parents are not okay with.  "It’s not kosher to get a tattoo," she says.  

7. She looks for fashion inspiration in her older siblings. "So probably a combination of my sisters, because Samantha’s a little more kind of tomboyish, and Charlotte’s really girly, so I’m a little bit of both," she says. "I like wearing beautiful dresses and that kind of thing, but I also like wearing sneakers with them."

8. She grew up wearing stretchy Betsey Johnson dresses and Doc Martens. Yes, she was that girl.

9. She does not like to brush her hair. "I never get my hair done unless it’s a shoot or something like that, so my hair is never really brushed."

10. If she has to dress up, she’ll wear her sister’s line, Zac Posen, J. Mendel, or Matthew Williamson. 

  Ten Things We Learned About the ‘Other’ Ronson