Term Limits for Everyone, the D.N.C’s Big Loan

David Paterson wants lawmakers to cut $2 billion more from the budget, and says nothing is safe. [Liz]

The Republican challenging Dan Squadron for State Senate is "disgusted" by Michael Bloomberg's term-limits stunt, and think term-limits should apply to state lawmakers too. [The Brooklyn Optimist]

David Yassky's letter to supporters was not enough to justify his "Have-Your-Cake-And-Eat-It-Too Vote," writes one blogger. [Gowanus Lounge]

Supporters of Democratic State Senate candidate and former boxer Joe Mesi came out in droves for his debate. [Buffalo Pundit]

The Municipal Art Society is hosting design experts at Brooklyn Borough Hall to brainstorm about ideas for the new Coney Island. [Brooklyn Eagle]

John McCain called for Ted Stevens to step down, and after an initial hesitation, so did Sarah Palin. [AP]

The D.N.C. borrowed $10 million to make a very big push for a very large governering majority. [JM]

Lynn Sweet is worried about Obama's health. [Sun-Times]

You have a one-in-ten-millionth chance of being the decisive vote in this election. [fivethirtyeight] Term Limits for Everyone, the D.N.C’s Big Loan