That $65 M. Tiger Woods Hamptons Story Finally Debunked

"Tiger has a brand-new lair," a huge New York Post cover story blared in March, "a $65 million estate in the Hamptons where he can send his chip shots flying into the ocean." That week, the listing agent for the 13,200-square-foot Colonial Revival mansion (there was also a 7,500-square-foot guesthouse and four-car garage) denied the Tiger Woods report to Newsday: "It is hilarious," she said. "I don’t know where this comes from." In that article, Post editor-in-chief Col Allen said, "We stand by our story."

Meanwhile, the golfer’s representatives told Radar the report was "dead wrong." There was no correction from the Post.

Today, the real buyer has finally been revealed, and it seems that the Post mixed up Tiger the golfer and Tiger the hedge fund. According to unnamed sources, "the new owner of the home is a hedge funder–possibly Chris Shumway, founder of Shumway Capital Partners LLC. Shumway was previously affiliated with the hedge fund company Tiger Management Corp."

Mr. Shumway hasn’t commented, so maybe real estate obsessives will get lucky and there will be another chapter in the Great Hamptons Tiger Mix-Up of ’08. That $65 M. Tiger Woods Hamptons Story Finally Debunked