The Morning Read: Friday, October 17, 2008

Although it needs approval from the Iraqi government, the U.S. and Iraq have formed an agreement that would get U.S. troops out by 2012.

Paul Krugman looks at the "real" economy and concludes this economic problem will linger.

Bailed-out firm A.I.G. agrees to rescind some of its executives’ pay.

The Atlantic‘s Joshua Green thinks there hasn’t been an adequate explaination about the cell phone towers erected at John McCain’s Sedona ranch.

McCain, though, "killed" at the Al Smith dinner. Barack Obama was not bad.

Lanny Davis thinks Democrats should be glad Hillary Clinton stayed in the race as long as she did.

“People do forget about things like this," Michael Bloomberg reportedly told a City Council member unsure about voting to extend term limits.

Bill Thompson said he’s running for mayor, even if Bloomberg is too.

Billionaire Tom Golisano said he’ll oppose Bloomberg’s plan to extend term limits.

Professor Doug Muzzio is skeptical of how great Golisano’s influence is.

Changing term limits is “a disgusting display of an abuse of power,” says the Queens Tribune editorial board. They also printed phone numbers of undecided City Council members in Queens.

Lawyers for the city said, technically, the City Council can change term limits or any other law created by a public referendum.

Charles Barron scolded Mario Cuomo, who spoke in favor of changing term limits, at the term-limits hearing yesterday.

Bob Fois said Bloomberg should cultivate a successor.

Hugo Chavez is more Democratic than either Bloomberg of Quinn, writes Clyde Haberman.

“The Bloomberg-Quinn proposal to suspend term limits is a crock,” writes Nathan Riley.

City Councilman David Yassky is “nowhere to be found,” on this issue, writes Mike McLaughlin.

The Working Families Party is targeting undecided City Council members.

State Senator Toby Stavisky says she wouldn’t vote to renew mayoral control of city schools, and her Republican opponent tells the unemployed, “[D]on’t aim too high.”

Joe Addabbo unveiled his health care plan.

Representative Kirsten Gillibrand raised more campaign money than her wealthy Republican challenger.

Representative Democratic challenger Dan Maffei said his Republican challenger is making personal attacks and avoiding policy.

Democratic challenger Eric Massa raised more money than incumbent Republican Representative Randy Kuhl.

Republican challenger Kieran Lalor raised less than a quarter of the amount that Democratic Representative John Hall raised.

“Priorities take priority in some G.O.P. races.”

Western New York is the battleground that will determine control of the State Senate.

Madam Kristin Davis denied Eliot Spitzer patronized her prostitutes.

Dan Jacoby is outraged anybody would pack a public hearing.

Sarah Palin will appear on S.N.L.

Does Joe the Plumber still have time for McCain?

And Warren Buffett says buy American.
The Morning Read: Friday, October 17, 2008