The Morning Read: Monday, October 13, 2008

According to a new ABC-Washington Post poll, 90 percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong track. Also,

According to a new ABC-Washington Post poll, 90 percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong track. Also, Barack Obama leads John McCain 53-43.

Obama is giving a speech later today to outline a new economic policy proposal.

Although his campaign indicated John McCain would also have new economic proposals, he won’t.

Sarah Palin’s response to the report that found she abused her authority is to deny it.

A Wall Street Journal op-ed says Obama has been "right all along" on Iran.

Never mind about Palin and West Virginia.

"First gentleman" Todd Palin was very involved in his wife’s administration.

Bill Kristol’s advice to John McCain: “[J]unk the whole thing and start over.” .

The south is not going to be so easy for McCain.

Hofstra prepares for Wednesday’s presidential debate.

Meet Andy Martin, originator of many falsehoods about Obama.

Al D’Amato is quietly raising money for David Paterson.

Christine Quinn all but endorsed Michael Bloomberg for mayor.
At the event, Quinn used the word “together” at least five times.

Page Six reports that if Quinn doesn’t win re-election as speaker, she may become one of Bloomberg’s deputy mayors.

Although she’s made up her mind, Quinn said the public can still weigh in.

To beat Bloomberg, Mark Green thinks it’s possible to connect his flip-flop on term limits to other shifts.

Robert Laird makes the argument that the real issue here isn’t term limits, it’s New York’s arcane election laws.

Eric Adams, holding a golden crown, said Bloomberg is being “misled by personal ambition.”

Mike McMahon, a City Councilman running for Congress, still hasn’t taken a position on the term-limits issue.

Peter Vallone, Jr. supports extending term limits, but thinks Bloomberg’s approach is problematic.

“[C]ompetition will be made virtually nonexistent” if term limits are extended, says a writer on Poligazette.

A conservative blogger in Brooklyn is against term limits, and also against the mayor’s attempt to extend them.

Liz Benjamin looks at the mutually beneficial relationship between Quinn and Bloomberg.

The mayor can learn a lesson from George Washington, writes Bill Squadron on The Huffington Post.

Bloomberg appeared at a fund-raiser for Republican Representative Chris Shays in Connecticut, and applauded his bipartisan track record.

A writer on the Stony Brook Independent web site recounts just about every criticism of Bloomberg.

Will upstate lose out if the State Senate goes Democratic?

Fred Dicker says Dean Skelos is calling Paterson a liar because the governor is now getting involved in Democrats’ effort to take over the State Senate.

Republicans want to focus on that brief period when Democrat Darrel Aubertine put his sister on the payroll.

The Manhattan D.A. is reportedly investigating Surrogate’s Court Democratic primary winner Nora Anderson over a massive loan from a contributor.

Anthony Weiner fears poor neighborhoods will lose their banks.

The New York Post editorial board likes Marty Markowitz, but still wants to get rid of the borough presidents’ office.

Tina Fey’s impression of Sarah Palin is so popular, it’s causing logistical problems at NBC.

Books full of financial advice are heading your way.

Another baby-step toward free national wireless internet service.

And the Times comments on Drew Friedman’s very great illustration for a recent piece by Jason Horowitz.

The Morning Read: Monday, October 13, 2008