The Morning Read: Thursday, October 16, 2008

Last night "we saw a McXplosion," writes Marc Ambinder, who thinks John McCain’s debate performance suffered from too much anger.

Michael Crowley thinks McCain’s "Joe the Plumber" strategy was sound, but the delivery was off.

Both McCain and Barack Obama distorted his opponent’s financial plans.

Obama is headed out for a "red state tour," and so is McCain.

It was McCain’s best performance yet, writes Taegan Goddard, but Obama still won.

“We weren’t always together, but we’re together now,” said Hillary Clinton supporter Tom Suozzi at an Obama rally.

Michael Bloomberg said lawmakers in California shouldn’t be allowed to redraw their own legislative lines, and also that it’s not self-serving for lawmakers in New York to vote to extend term limits.

“Let everybody be before the voters,” Bloomberg said in California, referring to Californians.

After calling the term limits vote in the Council “disturbing,” Hillary Clinton said the public “should have every opportunity to express themselves.”

Bill Clinton will appear with one of Bloomberg’s most vocal critics, Representative Anthony Weiner, in Queens.

The U.F.T., which opposes a legislative change to term limits, won’t withhold campaign money to candidates who vote for the bill.

The Staten Island borough president, who would benefit from an extension of term limits, supports the plan.

Christine Quinn floated the idea of raising the personal income tax.

She also wants to put ads on garbage trucks.

The New York Times editorial board laments the election system in Zimbabwe.

There’s been a guilty plea for a woman connected to the prostitution ring Eliot Spitzer was involved with.

Andrew Cuomo wants A.I.G. to reclaim bonuses it gave executives.

The campaign to become David Paterson’s lieutenant governor is underway, with term-limited Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll rumored to be interested in the job.

Jim Odato looks at Representative Kirsten Gillibrand’s ties to the tobacco industry.

In a debate, Democratic congressional candidate Mike McMahon said he’s for a  “reasonable redeployment” of U.S. troops out of Iraq, but did not provide details.

Republican challenger Bob Straniere told the audience, “[W]e won the war.”

Congressional challenger Eric Massa out-raised Republican incumbent Randy Kuhl.

Freshman Representative Mike Arcuri is spending his money on ads.

Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm Smith said, “It’s very low” that Republicans promised not to cut education spending in exchange for campaign help from the teacher’s union.

Former Assembly Republican Leader Chris Ortloff told an undercover officer that he molested two underage girls before the recent incidents.

“The last thing we need is more Republicans," said State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer.

A Cablevision ad that ties State Senator Craig Johnson to work two attorneys did at a firm before he got there–won’t come off the air.

State Senator George Winner debated his Democratic opponent last night, and will again this afternoon.

And Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio continues his probe of the Yankee Stadium deal.

The Morning Read: Thursday, October 16, 2008