The Morning Read: Tuesday, October 7, 2008

John McCain wants to make the race a referendum on Barack Obama’s character.

McCain “went nuclear on Barack Obama,” blaming him for the mortgage crisis, writes Carl Campanile.

David Axelrod said Obama didn’t know of William Ayers’ terrorist past when they met years ago.

McCain has to defeat not just Obama, but history.

It’s still unclear whether or not Ron Lauder supports the mayor’s proposal for a permanent change of the term-limits law.

Lauder “was not persuaded” after speaking with the city’s top lawyer and Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler, according to Lauder spokesman Nelson Warfield.

Lauder’s support “isn’t a sure thing,” reports Fox News.

The AP notes that Bloomberg reversed his long-held opposition to changing term limits after pulling out of the presidential race.

The Albany Times Union editorial board said Bloomberg’s plan “was hatched long before the financial meltdown.”

Clyde Haberman thinks Bloomberg is acting like an arrogant French aristocrat.

If allowable terms are extended, fewer candidates will mean less in public matching funds from the Campaign Finance Board.

City Hall News writes that Christine Quinn will support the proposed term-limits legislation, but may back out if Lauder makes a fuss.

Jarrett Murphy questions the connection between Bloomberg and the business titans who signed an open letter urging the mayor to seek a third term.

‘Grande Cojones’ will be mayor’s legacy,” jokes a writer in Seattle.

Ironic: Oliver Koppell, who introduced a bill to extend term limits, may not be able to win re-election after backing the losing side in a struggle for the Bronx Democratic leadership.

Bloomberg disagreed with the federal government not bailing out Lehman Brothers.

Unions may start getting vocal if their pension benefits are cut.

Bill Hammond says the state should get rid of member items and drive hard bargains with unions.

Albany County District Attorney David Soares said the county’s comptroller “is not qualified” to audit him.

Steve Levy is trying to hold onto his reserve fund.

Democratic State Senate candidate Kathy Konst missed her third deadline to file financial reports with the state Board of Elections.

Brian Stelter writes about Andrew Cuomo’s fight over how radio broadcasts and advertising audiences are measured.

Cuomo was among the guests at Peter Vallone’s beer fund-raiser.

And the NRA likes both Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand and her Republican challenger, Sandy Treadwell. The Morning Read: Tuesday, October 7, 2008