The Morning Read: Wednesday, October 15, 2008

At Sunday’s meeting between Henry Paulson and the heads of the nine largest banks in the country, those executives were surprised with a "one-page document that said they agreed to sell shares to the government."

Smaller banks are furious.

The Financial Times prints this headline: "Undertakers deliver last rites for US capitalism."

This stuff isn’t all that new, writes E.J. Dionne.

Barack Obama leads John McCain 50-41 in a new L.A. Times-Bloomberg poll, and 53-39 in a new New York Times-CBS poll.

The Times survey shows that McCain’s negativity backfired.

There is pressure on McCain to turn the race around at Hofstra tonight.

Dan Janison doesn’t think what’s happening at Hofstra tonight is really a debate.

Whatever it is, it’s expensive.

Obama’s race is probably an issue for some, writes Adam Nagourney. Harold Ickes tells him, “If he were white, this would be a blowout.

Rich people are increasingly moving to support Obama.

McCain also has some donors that don’t appear to be real people.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board accuses Chuck Schumer of contradicting himself on Arab investment in the U.S.

Anthony Weiner is turning his mayoral campaign into "a full-throated populist crusade against the billionaire Mr. Bloomberg’s proposal for a third term."

David Weprin could lose his coveted City Council Finance Committee chairmanship for opposing Christine Quinn on term limits.

Michael Bloomberg angrily denied there was any arm-twisting on term limits.

Kirsten Gillibrand’s “truth” ad doesn’t quote her Republican opponent accurately, says Irene Liu.

Here’s more on Bill Thompson’s forecast that the city may lose 165,000 jobs.

Amid major financial sector job losses, Bloomberg L.P. hired Andrew Lack, whose background is in the music and television industry.

Congressional Quarterly finds voters in the 13th congressional district who just want a Staten Islander in office.

Dan Maffei debates his Republican and Green Populist party opponents in Syracuse tonight.

And Ed Koch is helping the M.T.A. sell bonds.

The Morning Read: Wednesday, October 15, 2008