The Plot Thickens: Natasha Boncompagni Strikes Back at Sis Tatiana

As we mentioned yesterday, Gilding Lily author Tatiana Boncompagni is set to face off in court with her sister Natasha over the authorship of Tatiana’s forthcoming novel, HarperCollins’s Hedge Fund Wives. Unfortunately, it seems like this isn’t going to be the nice, quiet family lawsuit Tatiana might have hoped for. This morning, the Daily Transom awoke to a generous helping of emails courtesy of Natasha Boncompagni, who claims (among other things) that her sister’s lawsuit was a pre-emptive response to her own plans for legal action. Of course, this is just one of the many claims being tossed around. Below, a selection: 

From the very beginning, Tatiana and I were a "writing team": my decade long Wall Street career experience and insider’s knowledge of the social workings of the Hedge Fund community, coupled with Tatiana’s writing experience and requisite knowledge of the mechanics of constructing a novel…Furthermore, I wish to be perfectly clear that I categorically refute Tatiana’s misrepresentation to HarperCollins that led them to state that my "sole contribution to the Work consisted of background information concerning the finance industry". My contribution to the book was never limited to simply providing background information. I single-handedly authored many passages of the book, of which the excerpt online at is but one example. Please note that in the excerpt, I have retained the integrity of my original writing prior to the edits upon which Tatiana and I agreed (and were ultimately the basis for the passage submitted in the joint copyrighted manuscript).

Natasha also included a copy of an email sent to Page Six’s Richard Johnson from Italian nobleman Nicoló Boncompagni Ludovisi calling Tatiana "a total fraud" for claiming to be "a member of [his] princely family." Tatiana’s supposedly fancy ancestry (she has claimed to be a descendant of Italian nobility and related to 16th-century Pope Gregory XIII on her mother’s side) was a prominent aspect of the publicity push for Gilding Lily

Natasha also takes some nasty shots at Tatiana’s husband, vacuum cleaning heir Maximilian Hoover:

"Furthermore, I should add that she continues to fabricate that her husband is a "Vacuum Cleaning Scion" when in reality, that is categorically false: the remaining ownership interest that her husband’s family had in Hoover, was sold decade ago and her husband will not be inheriting whatever paltry sum is remaining as his father has squandered that."

And finally:

"Another item to note: Tatiana’s emails in her filing today are forgeries.

I discovered some weeks ago that a remote "Keylogger" device had been installed on my computer. Based on the emails in her filing today, I am now quite certain that my sister was behind this in a deliberate attempt to deflect attention from my claim by planting false evidence. This is a Federal crime and HarperCollins was alerted to this fact on October 14, 2008."

Neither Tatiana nor her lawyer, Alan Fisch, returned our requests for comment. 



The Plot Thickens: Natasha Boncompagni Strikes Back at Sis Tatiana