The Quiet Campaign of Caesar Trunzo

Republican State Senator Caesar Trunzo has been in Albany since 1972, but, according to transcripts of public comments in the State Senate chambers, he hasn't said a word in two years.

The official transcripts were provided to me by a Democratic source. (The latest transcript, from May 28, is here. You can click through and find others on that site also.)

Trunzo's Democratic challenger, Brookhaven Supervisor Brian Foley, has made an issue of the 82-year-old's habit of not speaking publicly. They've debated only once. Foley campaign aides said that numerous news organizations have tried, without success, to schedule more public forums but have met resistance from Trunzo.

When asked for comment, Joe Conway, director of communications for the New York State Senate Republican Campaign Committee, didn't dispute the idea that Trunzo hasn't spoken on the floor of the State Senate for two years. But he attacked Foley for attacking.

In an email, he said, "When Brian Foley isn't raising taxes on his constituents, he engages in desperate negative attacks like this. In contrast, Caesar Trunzo has been hard at work cutting taxes, creating jobs, and ensuring quality schools and health care for his constituents." 

Conway added, "Brian Foley talks a lot — and then he raises your taxes." The Quiet Campaign of Caesar Trunzo