The Recession Benchmark, Anti-Bloomberg TV

The economy shrank this quarter, and one economist says that means we can pinpoint the beginning of the recession. [Financial Times]

Democratic congressional challengers in the Rochester area–Alice Kryzan and Eric Massa–are both now expected to win. [TAP]

Sullivan County residents raised "resounding opposition" to a proposed 190-mile powerline. [Times Herald Record]

Another high-profile Democrat–Chuck Schumer–shows up for threatened incumbent State Senator William Stachowski. [Daily Gotham]

City Council Member Maria Baez, who may face a real challenge, is reportedly holding her first re-election campaign fund-raiser tonight. [West Bronx News]

A group of Willets Point landowners have launched a negative TV ad campaign again Michael Bloomberg. [The Real Estate]

Reportedly, a staff member of a white supremacist radio show was promoting it at a Sarah Palin rally. [Daily Beast]

Joe the Plumber stood up John McCain. [FR]

The Recession Benchmark, Anti-Bloomberg TV