The Round-Up: Friday

Stocks plummet worldwide: London falls 7.8 percent, Paris 8 percent, Frankfurt 9 percent. [NY Times]

The number of New Yorkers who had their electricity turned off between January and September jumped 13 percent compared to the same period last year. [NY Times]

Feds to proceed with their controversial plan to retire or auction off dozens of flight slots at area airports. [NY Times]

Manhole explosion in East New York kills 26-year-old Con Ed worker. [NY Times]

Buying a second home closer to your first. [NY Times]

Tim and Nina Zagat—owners of the Zagat restaurant guide—take 14 years to renovate their 19th-century upstate home. [NY Times]

Maximizing the views form your second home. [NY Times]

Brooklyn’s Oso Industries creates high-end minimalist furniture out of concrete—often the same reserved for sidewalks or building foundations. [NYDN]

Prompted by a lawsuit brought by South Bronx residents, the state Department of Environmental Conservation will force a local sewage-treatment plant to reduce its noxious fumes. [NYDN]

Cop cars parked along the Queensboro Bridge bike path imperil cyclists. [NYDN]

Citigroup cedes victory to Well Fargo and walks away from an attempted merger with Wachovia, paving the way for a $60 billion breach-of-contract suit. [NY Post]

Feds consider two unprecedented courses of action to stem the financial crisis: guaranteeing billions in bank debt and temporarily backing all U.S. bank deposits. [WSJ]

Design-build architecture firms—where architects work as both designer and contactor—are all the rage among high-end clients. [WSJ]

Details on that Schnabel-Chupi penthouse price chop (last item). [WSJ]

The Round-Up: Friday