The Round-Up: Thursday

Mirroring Wall Street’s major declines yesterday, stocks tumble worldwide. [NY Times]

Tenants of an upper Broadway apartment claim their new landlord is forcing them out of a building that should be dedicated to moderate- and low-income residents like themselves. [NY Times]

City considers raising personal income tax to close major budget shortfalls. [NY Times]

The Hudson River waterfront’s 30-year transformation into a sliver of parkland. [NY Times]

Young author has the worst timing ever with the release of Damn It Feels Good to Be a Banker—a book that makes fun of bankers and banking culture. [NY Times]

MTA and Transport Workers Union reach an impasse over the schedule of pay increases in their efforts to reach a deal long before the January deadline. [NYDN]

Queens residents inundated with horn noise after LIRR officials removed a barrier along the train tracks running through Forest Hills Gardens. [NYDN]

Dennis Kucinich claims NYC may have lied to the IRS about the value of Yankee stadium. [NYDN]

East Harlem avoids a major post-Wall Street downturn. [NY Post]

Gimme Shelter: Sirius radio star Alexis Stewart relists her Tribeca apartment with Dolly Lenz for $12.4 million; a startling $13 million price-cut for a pre-war Fifth Ave. duplex; potential buyer backs out of a contract to purchase hedge-fund manager John Paulson‘s $16.9 million Southampton estate. [NY Post]

A downtown Careerbuilder job fair draws 2,300 hopefuls, many of them victims of Wall Street’s meltdown. [NY Post]

Jersey City’s boom takes a breather. [WSJ]

Fannie and Freddie at center of Washington blame game over who started the nation’s financial crisis. [WSJ] The Round-Up: Thursday