The Round-Up: Thursday

The once untouchable $1.7 trillion dollar hedge fund industry brought to its knees by Wall Street’s collapse. [NY Times]

Many New Yorkers who signed contracts this summer to lock in the price of home heating oil through the winter are now stuck paying much more than market rate. [NY Times]

With the economy in such turbulence, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s midyear report refuses to say how employment will be affected by the crisis, though economists predict major losses. [NY Times]

Officers who stop subway fare-evaders often uncover much worse crimes. [NY Times]

NYC Transit to install a computer screen at an L line stop (and possibly more in the future) that reveals the location of every subway train on the line. [NY Times]

British architect Norman Foster to renovate a portion of the New York Public Library’s Bryant Park building. [NY Times]

DOB halts construction at Sheepshead Bay’s famed Lundy’s, saying developer David Isaev’s plans to turn the restaurant into a gourmet market violates zoning regulations. [NYDN]

As the foreclosure crisis spreads throughout southeastern Queens, Councilman Joseph Addabbo pushes a stalled bill that would allow the city to clean up foreclosed homes and bill the bank that owns them. [NYDN]

A Queens stray animal advocacy group may loose its long time shelter at JFK Airport. [NYDN]

Paterson’s Queens “racino” gets the final go-ahead from Senate Republicans. [NYDN]

Metro-North’s new train station near Yankee Stadium making significant progress. [NYDN]

Bronx landlord has just 30 days to fix all 269 extremely hazardous code violations in his building before the city takes it over. [NYDN]

56 Leonard may be extravagantly priced for these tough economic times, but that’s par for the course these days in Tribeca—a neighborhood largely untouched by Wall Street. [NY Post]

Gimme Shelter: A 21,000-square-foot townhouse listed for $39 million two years ago, now hits the market for $75 million; Jessica Alba moves to the Financial District for her next film; Oscar Schafer, managing partner at OSS Management, ready to take a hit on his Plaza purchase. [NY Post]

Report to show the nation’s construction industry slipping to its lowest point in years. [WSJ] The Round-Up: Thursday