The Round-Up: Thursday

In the coming weeks, New York businesses will lay off employees across an array of industries, further straining the state’s unemployment fund. [NY Times]

Paterson and Corzine appear before congressional committees seeking further federal assistance to avoid drastic cutbacks in state services. [NY Times]

At a hearing, Housing Authority officials requesting $112 million to repair the agency’s elevator systems face skeptical councilmembers. [NY Times]

According to an advocacy group, New Yorkers entered the city’s homeless shelters last month in the largest numbers in at least 25 years. [NY Times]

City officials and economists seriously despute Bloomberg’s claim that NYC may face a $500 million budget gap by the end of the fiscal year. [NY Times]

State racketeering and fraud charges brought against Testwell Laboratories—a company that has tested the strength of major NYC construction projects. [NY Times]

The New York State Insurance Department begins its own investigation into the disability payments received by hundreds of former LIRR employees. [NY Times]

Unlike 90 percent of the city’s luxury condos, One Hanson Place—financed by Magic Johnson—doesn’t employ union workers. [NYDN]

Once again, MTA warns of impending service cuts. [NYDN]

Wall Street’s collapse means tough times for NYC small businesses. [NYDN]

While some say its ties to Wall Street are overstated, Jersey City’s real estate market takes a hit from the financial crisis nonetheless. [NY Post]

Gimme Shelter: A-Rod lowers the asking price on his Park Avenue condo to $12.5 million and offers it up for rent; Forbes cheats Sagaponack out of a place on its list of the most expensive zip codes in the country; a five-story Greenwich Village townhouse—once home to Elizabeth Jagger—hits the market for $7.95 million. [NY Post]

Nello Balan reopens his formerly “seized” UES restaurant, fires accountant. [NY Post]

Government takeover of Freddie and Fannie failing to drive down interest rates on home loans. [WSJ]

The Round-Up: Thursday