The Round-Up: Tuesday

Bush’s bailout plan may do little to slow global slide into recession. [NY Times]

As stocks tumble worldwide, the Treasury develops a new plan to help the economy back home: buying huge chunks of companies’ unsecured short-term debt. [NY Times]

The most expensive room in the city. [NY Times]

As corruption charges loom for the Buildings Department, the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators takes over the administering of tests for lower-level crane operation. [NY Times]

A dance company’s struggles at 552 Broadway underscore the rapid changes gripping all of Soho. [NY Times]

F.B.I. may have found mob body during Long Island digging excursion. [NY Times]

Mysterious 19th-century porcelain tiles found in the fireplace of the Greenpoint Reformed Church. [NY Times]

Brooklyn’s main streets struggle through Wall Street’s collapse. [NYDN]

Fourth annual Alternative Vehicle Technology Conference shows off green cars galore at Lehman College’s Lovinger Theatre. [NYDN]

Parking regulations to accommodate a new express bus service take their toll on Bronx businesses. [NYDN]

Tenant fears rise over higher rents, as Bronx apartment complex known as “the birthplace of hip-hop” sells to developer Mark Karasick for $7 million. [NYDN]

Queens Borough Hall statue long deemed misogynist continues to evoke contempt. [NYDN]

Macquarie Group signs on for a 160,000-square-foot expansion of its 125 West 55th Street home; glass crown atop the Bank of America building to be completed by November, Durst says; retail space at UES Manhattan House sells for $86 million. [NY Post]

August sees a 40 percent rise in residential real estate deals that fell apart after the deposit was handed over. [NY Post]

At Dubai’s opulent real estate trade show, Cityscape, the world’s financial troubles just fade away. [WSJ] The Round-Up: Tuesday