The Week in DVR: Cameron Crowe’s Maligned Masterpiece, Touch of Evil, Grace Kelly’s Last with Hitch

Monday: Lost
Long before the Dharma Initiative, Widmore Industries and The Oceanic Six, there was the first season of Lost. It was a simpler time, when Michael Emerson was just that guy from a few episodes of Law & Order and not a passive-aggressive criminal mastermind with a couple of Emmy nominations … but that doesn’t mean the show wasn’t amazing. There is nary a false step in Lost‘s freshman campaign, and the two-part season one finale, airing on Sci-Fi Channel, is worth revisiting for many reasons. The numbers! The hatch! "Walt!!!!!!" Us? Above everything else, we’ll take the slow-motion music montage in the episode’s final minutes. It’s perfect. [Sci-Fi, 9 p.m.]

Tuesday: Frank TV
If you’re a baseball fan, or if you’ve just happened to flip past TBS in the last couple of weeks, you’ve probably seen an ad for Frank TV. To call the marketing push for the second season of Frank Caliendo’s sketch show "ubiquitous" would be an insult to the word. These ads are everywhere. Did we mention the show is terrible? Whoever said impression is the lowest form of comedy must have seen a Frank TV marathon. Still, you should see it for yourself. [TBS, 11 p.m.]

Wednesday: To Catch a Thief
We can’t fault you for thinking that To Catch a Thief occurred in Alfred Hitchcock’s disappointing post-Psycho years. Surprisingly though, he actually made this light-as-air genre flick in 1955, long before North by Northwest, Vertigo and Psycho. That’s fine. There are worse things than watching Cary Grant and Grace Kelly circle each other like mountain cats against the backdrop of the French Riviera. Ms. Kelly, in her last appearance in a Hitchcock film, is so stunning here that you may need to avert your eyes. With all due respect to January Jones, a.k.a. Betty Draper … we’ve seen Grace Kelly, and you, Miss, are not even close. [HBO Signature, 6:35 a.m.]

Thursday: Touch of Evil
As an actor, Orson Welles was always much better at playing an angry cad than he ever was at playing a spry leading man. It goes to reason, then, that Touch of Evil is his best performance. He’s bloated, drunk, racist, angry and truly corrupt. And every time he’s onscreen, Touch of Evil reaches incredible heights. This is the reedited version of the classic, cut together by Apocalypse Now editor Walter Murch to hew more closely to Mr. Welles’ original vision of the film, which Universal foolishly trashed and pushed to the side on the original release. (Watch the film’s famous opening shot above.) [TCM, 10:45 p.m.]

Friday: Vanilla Sky
If the reports on the Internets are to be believed, the next Cameron Crowe movie involves Ben Stiller, Reese Witherspoon and the plot of Joe vs. the Volcano. Sigh. What happened? Vanilla Sky certainly has its flaws, but we’d posit that it might be the last great movie Mr. Crowe ever directs. It’s an assured and melancholy work, and the ending never fails to make us incredibly depressed. Not sold? What if we told you Penelope Cruz is totally topless in this thing. Many, many times … (Ladies, don’t kid yourselves. You want to look, too.) [Universal HD, 10:30 p.m.]

The Week in DVR: Cameron Crowe’s Maligned Masterpiece, Touch of Evil, Grace Kelly’s Last with Hitch