VSL:FOOD // How to make it (or fake it) as a wine aficionado

It’s difficult to know where to stash Messrs. David Kamp and David Lynch’s oenophile cheat sheet, The Wine Snob’s Dictionary. If spotted on the bookshelf, it undercuts one’s presumed expertise. Seen in one’s hand, it destroys one’s credibility. And yet, this dictionary is well worth your attention.

Kamp (the author of The United States of Arugula) and Lynch (the wine director of Manhattan’s Wine Snob mecca, Babbo) deal with wine-world elitists in a short series of quick, breezy put-downs — even as they provide the know-how (or at least the hot air) you’ll need to join their ranks. By the book’s midway point, sentences like “Ooh, the tannins in this Cab are nicely developed — they give it a real velvety mouthfeel” will roll off your tongue like, say, a ’47 Chenin Blanc. Whether you choose to use them is up to you, of course, but here’s our advice: If you do, make sure this book’s well hidden.

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