Three Out of Four Baldwin Brothers Back in the Spotlight

If you are anything like us—it’s O.K. if you’re not!—you like to keep abreast of the long-running soap opera that is the saga of the Baldwin Brothers. So much more than the sum of their parts, the quartet of actors manage to cover all ends of the talent and political spectra with their entertaining brand of blue-eyed, overbearing crazy. This morning was a special one, as we found three out of Alexander and Carole‘s four boys in news. Presented in ascending order, fame-wise:

Page Six Magazine caught up with Candis Cayne, who co-stars with the dreamiest Baldwin, Billy, on ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money. Besides complimenting the penultimate Baldwin on his kissing skills, the transsexual actress says that Billy’s wife Chynna Phillips, "is a very lucky woman. Billy is a great guy inside and out. He always makes me feel comfortable during our love scenes. It’s not always easy being sexy with 10 crewmen standing around. I’m very honored to be working with such a professional—he’s taught me a lot and become one of my very best friends." Jealous!

Next up is token conservative Stephen. Recently, Stephen has been making headlines on Long Island and beyond with his pro-Michael Lohan, anti-Barack Obama stance. Today, the brave people at Newsday have provided us with some video of a taping of his new radio show, which was broadcasting out of a Glen Cove, L.I., bookstore. Introducing the project as an "edgy, relevant Christian talk radio show," Stephen updates listeners on his film career (in addition to working with Ben Stiller on a movie, his production company is developing three television series) and explains why he thinks Barack Obama is a "cultural terrorist": "He’s the only senator to vote against the Born Alive Act. If you line a hundred women up and you never touch them–conservatively, 80 new people will be on the planet. That’s why abortion is wrong, in my opinion." We don’t really follow his logic here, but inscrutability is definitely part of Stephen’s charm.

Last, of course, is Alec, who appeared alongside Sarah Palin on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live. In a Huffington Post blog update, Alec asks, "What did some of you people actually think would happen with Palin on SNL?" It seems that some people have "decried" the show’s decision to feature the Vice Presidential nominee, which he thinks is silly. He writes:

"Saturday Night Live is a comedy show. It’s not Meet the Press. It doesn’t ‘ask the tough questions’ or ‘set the agenda.’ It attempts, with varying degrees of success, to make people laugh. That’s it. Whether they skewer and savage people in order to do so, they don’t care. When you come on a show like that, you are prepared in advance to get worked over. Palin knew that. Palin came on to be a good sport. And she was. She was polite, gracious. (More so than some of the famous actors who come through there, believe me.) … Don’t put her on SNL? With all of her exposure and the Tina Fey performance? What reality are you in? If you think an appearance on Saturday Night Live would sway voters and actually effect the outcome of the election, you may have more contempt for the electorate of this country than the Republican National Committee does. And that’s a lot of contempt."

The post also includes a story about how, in 1998, Alec took the high road when he met "political opposite" Henry Kissinger, offering the former Secretary of State his condolences over the loss of his mother (rather than punch him in the face or something, we guess).

All of this information makes us hunger for updates on Daniel, who has kept a low profile after his abrupt departure from VH1’s Celebrity Rehab (rumors say he was asked to leave after he sent housemate Mary Carey "inappropriate" text messages). Daniel, if you’re out there, you know where to find us! Three Out of Four Baldwin Brothers Back in the Spotlight