Thursday, October 30

Uma’s Masked Ball is one option for this spooky night before the pagan holiday of Halloween. The Young Patrons of Lincoln Center, who apparently still have money in their young wallets for charitable giving to the arts, honor designer Zac Posen, maker of their preferred cocktail attire, at a Fall Masquerade Gala, with Uma Thurman presenting the award and a bevy of television stars in the crowd: Michael Urie of Ugly Betty, Nicole Fiscella of Gossip Girl (what, was Leighton booked?!), not to mention someone named Matt Sax, who is currently starring in Clay Off Broadway. (Let’s hope this thing doesn’t get too Eyes Wide Shut.) Further downtown, in a church off Washington Square, it’s the Starving Artists Halloween Ball, featuring aerial entertainment by the New York Circus Arts Academy (SWOOP! WHOOSH!), and Hugh McMahon, pumpkin-carver. Attendees include Broadway stars such as Christine Ebersole of Grey Gardens, ubiquitous sprite Alan Cumming, the cast of Avenue Q (puppets!), and John Patrick Shanley, the playwright responsible for ony- and Pulitzer-winning Broadway play Doubt and also early ’90s Tom Hanks flick Joe Versus the Volcano. … And in election news, the 92nd Street Y asks “How Should Jews Vote?” featuring voluble former Mayor Ed Koch, Palin-pumpin’ Times columnist William Kristol and a rabbi from San Francisco who wrote a book called The Left Hand of God: Taking Our Country Back From the Religious Right (a hint, if you will, as to How Jews Should Vote …). “I’m the not-terribly-smart, objective interlocutor,” said moderator Aaron Brown, former CNN anchor, calling from Phoenix. (“I haven’t been awake that long. We had to go to an event; I tend to go to bed early and I didn’t. Nothing The Observer would be interested in, believe me.”) “I think this election and probably every election since F.D.R., Jews are going to vote on a range of issues,” he said. “There’s some internal and external desire to believe that the Middle East drives all Jewish votes; that’s ridiculous.”

[Young Patrons of Lincoln Center Fall Masquerade Gala, Time Warner Center, 8 p.m.,; Starving Artists Halloween Ball, Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, 9 p.m., 212-279-4200; How Should Jews Vote? 92nd Street Y, Lexington Avenue at 92nd Street, 8:15 p.m.,] Thursday, October 30