Time’s Running Out! Get Your Ryan Adams Poetry/Story Collection Now

We thought it would be a good time to check back in with Ryan Adams (though really, when is it not). And lo and behold, the soggy-haired kid has a bunch of juicy details for us on his first book, Infinity Blues, due in stores next April 1. The tome—which Adams’ publisher, Akashic Books, has confirmed is a poetry/short story combo—is in the final stages of a pre-order frenzy, and 750 of the 999 available hard-copy editions have already been claimed. These special editions come with “a smaller book inside” signed my Adams in French (’cause, why not). The “smaller book” includes one of Ryan’s most beloved works—a poem called “A to Z”— “which is a long as fuck poem about hating the alphabet and loving things thats [sic] begin with each letter too much..” Rock on.

provides some helpful translation. The “smaller book” is apparently a poetry chapbook entitled Sad American Mythology, that will be signed and numbered by the singer and included only with the book’s pre-order edition. For $50 plus $10 shipping, the limited edition Infinity Blues will arrive at your door before December 19, i.e. long before anyone else has the chance to lay their grubby fingers on Adams’ luscious musings. Though, act fast, folks. According to Mr. Heartbreaker, “sales will probably cease today or tomorrow.”

But wait, why are there only 999 copies available? Woudn’t 1,000 make more sense? Well yes, it would. But you see, Adams has reserved the first copy for his boy, “Steve King.” That would be famed scary-man author, Steven King. “He really was my inspiration,” Adams writes. “And his persistent great works, in your face – like Franz Schubert’s work, was my invible [sic] cheerleader as I wrote…” Okay… And in a minor coup, The King has returned the favor with a blurb for the kid’s book: “Ryan Adams, one of America’s most consistently interesting singer-songwriters, has written a passionate, arresting, and entertaining book of verse. Fans are going to love it, and newcomers will be pleased and startled by his intensity and originality. The images are vivid and the voice is honest and powerful.” Hmmm… “Passionate?” Possibly. “Arresting?” Probably. “Entertaining?” Definitely.

We actually prefer Adams own description of his work: “I am damn proud I wrote that pile of madness.” “Pile?” Totally. “Madness?” Definitely. Time’s Running Out! Get Your Ryan Adams Poetry/Story Collection Now