Tormenting Yassky, Powers’ War Chest, Too Much Plumber

The W.F.P. is harassing David Yassky because he still hasn’t staked a position on term limits. [DG]

A blogger seconds Anthony Weiner’s “Boss Tweed” analogy. [Angry New Yorker]

Former congressional candidate Jon Powers paid himself $5,000 after the campaign was over, and has about $90,000 in his campaign account. [26th District]

A Republican Assembly candidate challenging Michael Spano is pushing for oil drilling in Long Island Sound. [Sphere]

Marty Golden and Carl Kruger got the lowest rating environmental rating of the Brooklyn State Senators. [Bay Ridge Journal]

A conservative upstate blogger waves the white flag for Barack Obama. [Monroe Rising]

John Riley has very little sympathy for Joe the Plummer. [Spin Cycle]

Also, for the record: Joe the Plumber is not a licensed plumber. He does not make $250,000 now, nor would he if he bought the company he wants to buy. Therefore, he would get a tax break under Obama. Besides, he hasn’t paid all the taxes he owes. And in any case, Joe Biden says if he wouldn’t qualify for a break under Obama, he’s not a real plumber. [Politico/ABC/Huffpost]

Tormenting Yassky, Powers’ War Chest, Too Much Plumber