Trick or Treat? Michael Bloomberg, Vera Wang Dress Up as Themselves on Halloween

Monday evening’s Golden Heart Awards Dinner had all the charitable guests confessing their dark sides.

Crystal Stewart, a.k.a. Miss USA, can’t wait to dress up as Cat Woman this Halloween. It’s a role she’s been plotting for years. "So watch out!" she said. She’ll be trick or treating somewhere near her home in Midtown, which she shares with "Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA." They’ve all been loving New York. "At first I thought it was a little too free," says the Texas native, "but now I just have too much fun. I’m addicted."

Blaine Trump‘s son Christopher Hollister Trump-Retchin showed up because he likes "any opportunity to support my mom." What’s the good son going to be for Halloween? "The devil!"

Honoree Harry Slatkin, president of Limited Brands, brought his wife Laura and nine-year-old daughter Ali to cheer him on. Ali can’t wait to be a cowgirl on Halloween. She has the whole costume ready, except for the hat.

"Because I’m in charge of the hat!" Mr. Slatkin said.

Jonathan Adler—brand new husband of The Observer‘s Simon Doonan—confessed to the Daily Transom that his family had recently experienced a case of mistaken identity. As his mother and sister (NYU Law’s exotic dancing expert Amy Adler) left the Adler-Doonan wedding ceremony, "people were throwing rice at them because they thought they were a lesbian couple."

Some partiers were even trying to be… us! Four people snuck into the dinner by pretending to be press. Why would they want to do that?

"I don’t know! For a rubber chicken?" said Gary L. Snieski, assistant director at the hosting charity, God’s Love We Deliver. Then he corrected himself. "No! It’s not rubber!"

A baggy-suited Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the characteristically cool Vera Wang had one thing in common last night: they both declared they wanted to be themselves all the time, even for Halloween. "That’s the scariest thing I can think of!" said Ms. Wang. Trick or Treat? Michael Bloomberg, Vera Wang Dress Up as Themselves on Halloween