Tuesday, October 14

Leave it to Saks to get the well-polished worthies out of hiding and back into their fancy dresses (albeit ones they’ve already worn this season!) for an event for Key to the Cure, a cancer charity. Turning up to lend pulchritude to the cause: Stephanie Seymour, Blake Lively, Jane Krakowski and Blythe Danner. Later, that famed list of Stuff White People Like surely includes attending indie concerts in arcane religious structures! Two bands—TV on the Radio and the Dirtbombs (we’re going to tell our skinny musician to try out for this one!)—play  at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. Where everyone prays for deliverance—from Sarah Palin. Speaking of! Musical revue Political Idol returns to Off Broadway’s Triad Theater with a lineup of numbers including “Thriller,” which writer Robert Yarnall described for us: “McCain does the ‘Thriller’ dance with Hillary Clinton. Basically it starts with Al Sharpton opening the show. Then he goes into how thrilling the race has become. Arnold Schwarzenegger comes out and says”—and here he began singing—“Darkness falls across the land, the G.O.P. is in command, and John McCain that scary ghoul, could be like Bush and totally rule, ’cause he has found to stay alive a lady from Wasilla, now this election’s sure to be a really awesome Thrilla!” All this is not to be outdone by a number called Rove! (Which is set to the tune of “Vogue”!) Mr. Yarnall, bless his heart, sang that for us, too, in the voice of Condi Rice: I know a man who’s with the G.O.P., he’s a superstar and he gets his way, his name is Rove! Rove!

[Key to the Cure event, Top of the Rock, 50 West 50th Street, 7:30 p.m., 212-759-2800; TV on the Radio at Brooklyn Masonic Temple, 317 Clermont Avenue, 8 p.m., www.ticketmaster.com; Political Idol, Triad Theatre, 158 West 72nd Street, 212-362-2590]

mbryan@observer.com Tuesday, October 14