Tuesday, October 28

Boyz to Aga Khan: What better boy band to take us back to the good ol’ days when you could still graduate from Princeton, get a plum job at Lehman Brothers, a hot editorial assistant to be impressed by your plum job at Lehman Brothers, a seven-figure bonus, a house in Rye, a couple kids, a country club membership in Connecticut, a mistress, a lawyer, a divorce, a small pied-à-terre in midtown, a drinking problem, and another editorial assistant then Boyz II Men! Tonight, the endearing crooners entertain guests at the T. J. Martell Foundation’s Annual Awards Gala, which recognizes the distinguished few among us who actually are curing cancer rather than shuffling through press releases and dithering over which platform shoe to wear. Later, people gather to whip Alzheimer’s at Princess Yasmin Aga Khan’s annual gala at the Waldorf, honoring her late mother, Rita Hayworth, who suffered from the disease. Philanthropist Lily Safra is honored; also expected are three women with three names: Donna Dixon Akroyd, Muffie Potter Aston and Anne Hearst McInerney. Also composer Denise Rich, and dear old Nancy Reagan if she’s in O.K. shape. Wear red just in case!

[T. J. Martell Foundation Annual Gala, New York Hilton, 1335 Avenue of the Americas, 6 p.m., 212-755-1377; Rita Hayworth Gala, the Waldorf Astoria, 6:30 p.m., 212-843-1712]

mbryan@observer.com Tuesday, October 28