Wednesday, October 29

Some say the world will end in fire, but today, ice suffices! One week minus 24 hours until election day—and the only people more edgy than the city’s secret McCain voters are the city’s not-so-secret Obama voters. Why do we feel that either way psychopharmaceutical stocks are going to soar? And are we the only ones who find ourselves wanting a cuddly stuffed Chuck Todd doll? And speaking of the economy, when the going gets tough, artists get material! Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese mark today’s 79th anniversary of Black Tuesday (cripes, how did we miss this one?) with “Main Street Meltdown,” a 1,500-pound ice sculpture. “We’re going to go and set up in Foley Square at 7 in the morning,” said Ms. Ligorano. “And install the ice sculpture of the word ‘economy,’ with the backdrop of the State Supreme Court behind it. We don’t know how long it will last, but I would anticipate that by late evening it should be drawing to a close.” “We hope it brings to mind a number of thoughts; one that comes immediately to mind is the credit freeze,” noted Mr. Reese. “Maybe this is an indication the credit freeze is thawing? On the other hand, people will see the word ‘economy’ slowly trickling away, and we hope it will bring to mind ideas like trickle-down economics.…” Ms. Ligorano and Mr. Reese are responsible for the “Democracy” ice sculptures at the political conventions last summer. “In Denver there was a kind of reverence and awe about the word ‘democracy’ as it melted away,” said Mr. Reese. “And since it was melting really slowly—it took 22 and a half hours to melt away—people were really interacting with it in a way that was kind of playful, with great respect.” Whereas you’d better think twice the next time you abandon your ice sculpture with the Republicans! “It was a very hot day,” said Mr. Reese of the sculpture’s debut in St. Paul. “People were constantly touching it, it was almost as if they were bathing in the word ‘democracy.’ The word lasted a very short time, four and a half to five hours.”

[Ligorano/Reese ice sculpture, Foley Square, 9 a.m.,] Wednesday, October 29