Week in DVR: Ladies Who Lunch (and Work), Van Sant’s Saddest, Roman Holiday

Monday: Roman Holiday
Ok, we know: you’ve probably seen Roman Holiday before. It’s one of those classics that hasn’t totally slipped through the cracks; it’s easy to find on DVD, and it gets semi-frequent play on cable. But since we only saw this film for the first time recently, we wanted to urge all of you who have not seen the Gregory Peck/Audrey Hepburn Italian romp to do so, immediately. Hepburn-in her debut, Oscar-winning role–is the princess who just wants to be normal. Peck is the American journalist she falls for. Among the many highlights: gorgeous shots of Rome, Hepburn’s short haircut, and a long tracking shot that captures the sadness of the inevitable moment of their separation. (TCM, 2 p.m.)

Tuesday: True Life: I’m an Alcoholic
We’ll come right out and say it: this show is depressing. But we’ve long-felt that MTV’s documentary series True Life is underappreciated. It captures the way young people live across the country better than anything else on TV; examining everything from life on the Jersey Shore to hook-up culture to living with OCD to deafness, True Life makes a real effort to show the reality of being a young adult. This episode, a true cautionary tale, follows two young women with alcohol abuse problems, one of whom starts her day with a beer and ends it wandering the streets of Las Vegas, a Coors 12-pack and some kind of mixed drink her only friend. The other woman has a slightly better fate. (MTV, 4 a.m.)

Wednesday: Lipstick Jungle
Too many people groan at the mention of Lipstick Jungle. It’s Sex and the City light, or redux, or just cheesy chick stuff, they say. But oh they’re wrong! And in fact, we’re going to make a case for it here as one of the smartest shows on about working women. There, we said it! While the triumvirate of Brooke Shields, Kim Raver and Lindsay Price is formidable in it’s smooth-skinned, impeccably dressed, unrealistic glamour, the issues under the surface in Lipstick Jungle are hardly girls’ stuff: whether or not to have children and how to raise them if you do; how to be a boss; how to handle success, and failure at work; how to manage marriage, and being single. Sure, there are gaffes-did we really need Victory, Ms. Price’s fashion designer, to reject her billionaire boyfriend for a ‘man who works with his hands’?-but mostly we’re charmed. Especially by Ms. Raver, who plays her unapologetically cougarish Nico Reilly with a brain and a body to be envied by all.  (NBC, 10 p.m.)

Thursday: Gerry
Save this one for a sad day. Gus Van Sant’s Gerry, the first in his trilogy of death films (which also include Elephant and Last Days), features Matt Damon and Casey Affleck as best buddies who get lost in the desert after what should have been a quick day hike. We won’t tell you what happens, but if you like Mr. Van Sant, or want to brush up on his films in advance of the awesome-looking Milk, it’s worth a watch. (IFC, 11:45 a.m.)

Friday: My Summer of Love
It’s Halloween, of course, but we’re going to offer an alternative to scary movies instead of a recommendation: My Summer of Love. Starring a pre-Devil Wears Prada Emily Blunt, the film follows Ms. Blunt’s Tamsin, a spoiled girl in the Yorkshire countryside, and Nathalie Press’s tomboyish Mona, as they develop a weird, sexually charged friendship over the course of one summer. It’s Heavenly Creatures all over again. But if you haven’t seen Peter Jackson’s early cult hit (which almost never plays on cable, it seems), check out My Summer of Love. Ms. Blunt is delightfully cruel, and Ms. Press is her perfect prey. (Sundance, 4:30 a.m.)

Week in DVR: Ladies Who Lunch (and Work), Van Sant’s Saddest, Roman Holiday