Welcome to O2 on the Web

Dear Reader,

Welcome to O2 on the Web!

Readers of The New York Observer in print already know the section as the newspaper’s special section for features, columns and reviews about New York life: society, culture, film, music, dance, theater, books, fashion, food and drink and more.

Now, we’re breaking it out into its own homepage on the Web, so you can find all that good stuff put together in one place.

Is this what you’re looking for when you come to observer.com? Then be sure to bookmark http://www.observer.com/o2 and come back every day for constant updates on New York style and culture.

And keep an eye on this page, which in the coming months will be the site of many of the innovations we’ve been working on behind the scenes to make our site the engaging, urgent, witty, urbane place New York City needs it to be.

Take a look around, have a good time, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Welcome to O2 on the Web