Will Corzine name a Republican to replace Kuperus?

Charles Kuperus is expected to resign his cabinet post as New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture. A Republican, he was serving as a Sussex County Freeholder when Democrat James E. McGreevey appointed him after the 2001 gubernatorial election. Kuperus is the lone Republican in Gov. Jon Corzine's cabinet, and since Corzine pledged during his 2005 campaign that he would make bi-partisan cabinet appointments, its possible that he'll pick a Republican for Secretary of Agricuture, or to replace Lisa Jackson at the Department of Environmental Protection.

For the record, Corzine doesn't actually appoint the Secretary of Agriculture. In New Jersey, Governors make recommendations to the State Board of Agriculture, who actually votes on the cabinet post.

Prediction: some PolitickerNJ.com reader will suggest two prominent farmers for the Agriculture Secretary job — former State Sen. Ellen Karcher or U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett. Will Corzine name a Republican to replace Kuperus?