Writer Inveighs Against Lip Dub Videos; Makes Lip Dub Videos

Today on The Daily Beast, Tina Brown and Barry Diller’s literally hundreds of hours old Web site, Randi Zuckerberg sallies forth a bold, truly shocking statement: It Must Be Stopped: Hipster Lip Dub Videos. (Insert your own exclamation points interspersed with number 1s here.)

This is perhaps the second most powerful statement by the site since last week when The Beast stood athwart tooth-whitening yelling Stop. But this critique, aimed at young people who film themselves and their friends lip-syncing pop songs and post the clips on YouTube and other sites, is somewhat confusing.

For one thing, Ms. Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, writes:

The origin of the lip dub is a mystery. Nobody really knows who created the very first one, though "Flagpole Sitta," filmed by the employees of a company called Connected Ventures, was one of the earliest.

Unless we’re completely mistaken, that "company called Connected Ventures" is part of Barry Diller’s IAC/InterActiveCorp, which also owns The Daily Beast. (You might’ve seen IAC/InterActiveCorp’s Michael Jackson telling Wired.com’s Meghan Keane that the company was not investing $18 million in the site yesterday.) According to IAC/InterActiveCorp’s corporate site, Connected Ventures has been part of the company since August 2006. (See: It’s Diller Time!, by Doree Shafrir, The New York Observer, December 11, 2007.)

But left hand/right corporate issues notwithstanding, what are readers to make of this 4 month old video of a lip dub of ‘Dancing in the Streets’ performed in Times Square for the Web site, NonSociety.com, which features among that site’s regular cast… Ms. Zuckerberg?

But that’s nothing compared to this lip dub of ‘Going to the Chapel’ shot in Las Vegas 5 months ago that focuses exclusively on Ms. Zuckerberg lip-syncing in a pool.

Guess she had a change of heart since then. Writer Inveighs Against Lip Dub Videos; Makes Lip Dub Videos