VSL:KIDS: // Check out a *real* October surprise

Sticking a Barack-o’-lantern on your front steps may not carry the swing states — but what a novel way to prove that, yes, you can . . . carve a great-looking pumpkin.

Thankfully, the folks at Yes We Carve have assembled some choice, downloadable Obama campaign stencils. There’s OOBAMA! (which converts easily to BOOBAMA!), 08AMA, and BARACK THE VOTE. And whether or not you decide to carve your own pumpkin — and upload photos of the results to Yes We Carve’s blog — you can always show your kids what other hard-carving Democrats have done with theirs. (According to the site’s FAQ, “attack pumpkins” are not okay!) If you’ve been looking for an activity that gives you a chance to explain the differences between McCain’s and Obama’s middle-class tax proposals to your kids — without putting them to sleep — this is the site you’ve been waiting for.

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