Allen will vote straight Republican

Much has been made of State Sen. Diane Allen’s (R-Burlington) lack of involvement in the tight 3rd Congressional race, where Republican Medford Mayor Chris Myers is running against State Sen. John Adler (D-Cherry Hill).

But while Allen is much more committed to State Sen. Leonard Lance’s (R-Flemington) Congressional race, which is far outside of her district, she said today that she’s still voting for Myers, and even personally donated $250 to him within the last week or two.

“I have sat down with [Myers] and any time he asked me any questions on strategy and along those lines I gave him my best bit of information,” she said.

Allen, a moderate Republican, represents a legislative district where Democrats outnumber her party two-to-one. Some political observers saw her lack of visible support for Myers as a manifestation of her feud with GOP boss Glenn Paulsen, who was integral in recruiting Myers.

But Allen said she’s spent the bulk of her time advocating for Republicans in her legislative district’s municipalities like Edgewater Park, Merchantville and Beverly. And, differences with Paulsen and his allies who still control the party notwithstanding, Allen said she’s still voting straight Republican in the Burlington County freeholder race.

“My differences with Glenn Paulsen have little to do with most candidates. It has to do with the way an organization is run,” she said.

Allen will vote straight Republican