Amy Poehler Premieres Smart Girls Show

Amy Poehler debuted her Web show, Smart Girls at the Party on On Networks today.

The first episode features "The Writer – Cameron," a young New Yorker who likes to write about "paranormal kind of stuff," as she told Ms. Poehler in the video. "Wow, mysteries and ghost stories. Scary stuff," Ms. Poehler replied.

The former SNL star plays Charlie Rose (with a dash of James Lipton) during the interview, which takes place at a round table where she asks Cameron about her process and how she deals with writer’s block. Cut to clips of Cameron reading stories on a park bench and in her bedroom, surrounded by teddy bears and baby dolls.

Ms. Poehler produced the show (sponsored by Barbie) to inspire young girls during that especially awkward pre-teen stage. She got some help from her friends Meredith Walker, former senior producer for Nickelodeon’s Nick News and head of talent for Saturday Night Live, and Amy Miles, host of PBS children’s show LOMAX: Hound of Music.

The debut is adorable and charming, with a catchy theme song claiming "Smart girls have more fun" and a dance party to end the episode (You can even spy Mr. Poehler’s baby daddy Will Arnett jamming out!). Upcoming episodes will feature young girls in New York, including a gardener, a yoga practioner, and an all-girl rock band called Care Bears on Fire.

Sure, Smart Girls at the Party is meant for little girls, we’re sticking this in the RSS feed.

Amy Poehler Premieres Smart Girls Show