Better Left Unsaid

Shall we play a game?

It’s Friday. Yes, we shall.

Let’s call this one "MSM or Amateur?" We’ll supply a quote and you guess if it comes from a professional journalism organization—you know, the kind of place that wins Pulitzer Prizes and whatnot—or some amateur on the Internet with no editor, no oversight, and no idea what he or she is saying.

Got it? Here we go: MSM or Amateur?:

Note to Al Qaeda: If you insist on trying to insult Barack Obama, the United States’ first African American president-elect, falling back on the tropes of an America that no longer exists simply is not going to work. ‘Field Negroes’ and ‘house Negroes’? Come out of the caves, blink in the sunlight of a new era and get it right—that’s ‘White House Negro.’

Answer follows:

The above quote comes from a Los Angeles Times editorial headlined Al Qaeda’s silly slur against Obama. The editors were apparently so enamored with the truly awful phrase "White House Negro," they used it in the subhead, too.

As for those Pulitzer Prizes and whatnot? The Los Angeles Times has won 38 since 1942, including three for editorial writing. (Confidential to The Times Editorial Board: Do not submit this column this year.) Also, Sam Zell? Maybe newspapers do need editors.

Better Left Unsaid