Bloomberg and Pinkwater Vote, E.R. Actor Will Too

Here’s Julie Pinkwater emerging from the same room where Michael Bloomberg had voted at P.S. 6 on East 81st Street.

Pinkwater, the vice president and publisher of Ladies Home Journal, told me she was on line for 35 minutes, but that “they kept it moving.” She said the voting machines were “totally antiquated,” but overall, was pleasantly surprised that the chaos of the long lines didn’t turn out worse.

Bloomberg, who did not say who he voted for, told reporters he’s confident the city’s Board of Elections will be able to handle the record turnout at the polls today.

“I’ve never seen a line even outside the door in this polling place,” Bloomberg said during a press conference inside P.S. 6. “It was not just around the corner, it was around the block.”

Later, he said, “Well, I think the Board of Elections will handle the crowd today. As Stu [Loeser, press secretary] said at his polling booth at 6 this morning, they weren’t open. So, there’ll always be problems,” because of the large crowds. “But the real problem is long term with the Board of Elections,” he said, citing their partisan makeup and inability to get updating voting machines.

The room where Bloomberg and Pinkwater had voted looked packed, and full of people who’ve had their patience tested.

On 80th Street and Madison Avenue, I spotted actor Anthony Edwards, who played Dr. Mark Greene on E.R. and appeared in Revenge of the Nerds. He was dressed in a pair of gray sweatpants and walking with three school-aged girls, and said he’d vote later today.

For who?

“It’s not even a choice,” he said, and paused while looking at me. “Barack.” Then, as if to explain, he said, “I got two words for you: Sarah Palin,” and then he continued walking. Bloomberg and Pinkwater Vote, E.R. Actor Will Too