Bloomberg’s Praise for Secretary Clinton

Hillary Clinton won't utter the words "secretary of state" in public, but Michael Bloomberg is happy to do it for her.

Speaking before Clinton arrived at the Plaza for an awards ceremony for a Randall's Island sports foundation on the evening of Nov 24, Bloomberg told the crowd of wealthy donors and prominent New Yorkers, "I assume she is going to be secretary of state. It has not been officially announced I gather, so we can't presume. But let's assume for the sake of argument that Hillary Clinton is the next secretary of state. I think she is going to be a wonderful secretary of state. I've had the luck of working with her for the last seven years and there has never been a senator that I've ever met — with the possible equal exception of Chuck Schumer — Hillary has always been there for the state even when she was campaigning for president, when I needed something for the state."

He added, "Hillary Clinton was always there and I want to wish her great success and I'm sure she will do another great job for this country."

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