Choi gears up for 2009

Focused on getting re-elected mayor next year, Edison Mayor Jun Choi won’t entertain questions about a 7th District Congressional run in 2010, or about 2011 legislative redistricting.

“My only interest right now is Edison,” Choi told “My only interest is to improve the quality of life for Edison residents and to complete the job we started in Edison. I am committed to running for re-election.”

Choi bucked the organization line nearly four years ago to win as an independent Democrat. Whether or not the party organization gives him a concerted challenge in 2009 is now a question mark, at least according to party brass.

“I haven’t heard of any challenger yet,” said Middlesex County Democratic Party Chairman Joseph Spicuzzo. “That’s not to say they’re won’t be one, but I can’t make a comment because I haven’t heard anything as of yet.”

Edison Democratic Party Chairman Thomas Paterniti, who put down a Choi uprising by a nearly -1 margin when Choi challenged Paterniti for local party chair, likewise refused to speculate about potential challengers to the mayor.

“All I know is I’m the Democratic chairman, and in March, he’s (Choi’s) got a right to screen, just like anybody else,” said the former state senator. “If he screens and he gets it, then he’ll have our support.”

Choi gears up for 2009