Clinton Associate: ‘She Is Still Weighing It’

The search for real news on the Hillary Clinton-Secretary of State front continues:

A source familiar with Clinton’s thinking told me that Obama did indeed offer the job to her and that she was weighing the decision with her husband, who returned home on November 17 from a speaking engagement in Kuwait. But, the source said, reports that she had decided to accept the position were premature and wrong.

According to the source, the Obama transition team and Clinton team were, as of this afternoon, still “working through” the parameters of Bill Clinton’s charitable activities.

“She is still weighing it,” said another source, a close associate of Hillary Clinton, who added that the sticking point of the negotiations was not Bill’s willingness to be vetted, which the source said had been overblown in importance, but rather “a question of whether she wants to give up her Senate seat.”

The associate said that at this point, there was some concern among Clinton’s supporters that all the talk about the job has forced her hand, because declining it would create suspicion about her husband’s finances. But “that is no reason to take the job,” the associate said.

The Obama transition team and Hillary Clinton’s Senate office declined to comment.

Clinton Associate: ‘She Is Still Weighing It’