Complements for Hillary at the Rainbow Room

Outside Bernard Schwartz's election-night party at the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center, investment banker Bob Towbin said tonight is "a great American event."

The Democratic bundler was in a good mood, surrounded by most of the city's major Clintonites.

Asked about the future of the Republican ticket, he joked, "Sarah Palin will an important member of the Alaskan community."

Then he grew thoughtful and, speaking of the Democratic primary, "A lot of people died for this."

The host of the evening did not want to be interviewed, but when pressed, he was willing to say, "This party is a celebration of the Democratic process."

A longtime friend of the Clintons, Schwartz said of New York's junior senator, "she will make her own way."

"Hillary Clinton is an important person, always has been, always will be," Schwartz said.

There was at least one non-Democrat at the party (Schwartz mentioned the event was "nonpartisan." Outside the restaurant a young Republican woman, who said she knew Schwartz because she had decorated his office told me, "Obama's going to win because people are blaming the country's problems on Republicans."

When I observed that most of the people at the party were of an older generation she said, "Maybe that's why they invited us."

Complements for Hillary at the Rainbow Room