Curley concedes race to Mallet

Monmouth County Republican Freeholder candidate John Curley just called Amy Mallet to congratulate her on her victory, he told

“Having won the votes cast in the voting machines, I have fallen short in provisional and absentee ballots,” said Curley, a former Red Bank councilman who now lives in Middletown.

He also congratulate failed Democratic candidate Glenn Mason and his own running mate, Freeholder Director Lillian Burry, who won re-election on Nov. 4th, praising her as an “honest, capable and hard-working friend.”

“I was honored to carry the banner for the Republican Party, and I thank everybody for their commitment and energy on my behalf – you have buoyed my belief in a great place we call home,” said the candidate.

He extended his hand in friendship to those who did not support him.

“You, the citizens of Monmouth County, make this a great place,” said Curley. “Best wishes to all for a great and wonderful future.” Curley concedes race to Mallet