David Chase Still Mum on Sopranos Ending

David Chase and Jerry Seinfeld have a lot in common. Both men were the creative forces behind two of the

David Chase and Jerry Seinfeld have a lot in common. Both men were the creative forces behind two of the most incendiary television shows of the past twenty years; shows which a large majority of the viewing audience (not us!) felt ended with disappointing whimpers. Both men will forever attempt to live up to past successes, and most likely fail doing so. And both men have intentionally shied away from the spotlight in the wake of their overwhelming fame. Perhaps that last similarity is also why whenever they sit down for interviews they seem increasingly prickly. They’re not used to the attention.

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Mr. Chase proved that theory again this week. Making the rounds for a brand new DVD release of The Sopranos–a 33 disc set that weights ten pounds and costs close to $300 dollars!–the 63-year-old continued on his steadfast refusal to answer questions on the one thing every Sopranos fans want to know about: the ending. In an interview with the LA Times, Mr. Chase stated that "[t]here are just people who want this closure, and I don’t have that." Ugh! Really David? We hate to burst your bubble here, but you wrote the ending! You could give people closure this minute if you wanted to. However, if you did that, no one would care about The Sopranos anymore beyond the fact that it was a great and historic television show. It would fade away into the sunset.

It seems to us that since ending his series, Mr. Chase has turned into that pretentious band that had an early hit and then tries to distance themselves from that hit for the rest of their careers. It’s fine if you don’t play to the crowd, but you don’t have to be such a jerk about it! We actually don’t care whether Tony Soprano lived or died (ps, he totally lived!), but by not giving any answers, Mr. Chase comes off as ungrateful, spiteful and immature.

Meanwhile, The Sopranos ended nearly eighteen months ago and Mr. Chase still has yet to set a follow-up project. He does have a feature film production deal with Paramount, but don’t get your hopes up; he’s not planning on making a Sopranos movie. (And to that we say: Thank God.) Instead he’ll center his immense talents on an original idea that reportedly could focus on one of three topics: acting, movies or rock music. No matter what he decides on, one thing is certain… the film won’t end with a Journey song.

David Chase Still Mum on Sopranos Ending