David Rhodes Leaves Fox News; Talks of New Gig at Bloomberg TV

On Tuesday morning, Bloomberg LP executives announced that David Rhodes, Fox News’ Vice President of news, is joining them as the company’s new head of American television (the move was first reported on TVNewser).

According to the press release, the addition of Mr. Rhodes "caps a reorganization" currently being implemented by Andrew Lack, the former President of NBC News, who joined Bloomberg back in October as the new C.E.O. of the company’s multimedia group.

"We are empowering local Bloomberg Television management, making room for innovative programming and delivering more relevant and insightful content to Bloomberg viewers, the highest net-worth audience in the world," Mr. Lack said in the release.

What kind of changes does Mr. Rhodes—who has spent the past 12 years working at Fox News—have in mind for Bloomberg TV programming? On Tuesday afternoon, we reached the 34-year-old executive on his cell phone in the back of a cab.

Mr. Rhodes, who said he plans to start at Bloomberg in full after the Thanksgiving holiday, was vague on specific changes that might be coming to Bloomberg TV. But he did give a nod to the importance of international coverage.

"Everybody in this industry talks about wanting to do more global newsgathering and, particularly with regards to the financial crisis, about the interconnectedness of these issues," said Mr. Rhodes. "But not many have the capability to gather in these places. That is such an opportunity. They still have journalists and bureaus in all these places."

"Right now you don’t really see that in the programming," said Mr. Rhodes. "But there is a real interest in getting more of that across."

Has he moved into his new office yet?

"Well, remember, nobody has offices there," said Mr. Rhodes, referring to the company’s famously open floor plans.

Which reminded the Media Mob of another perk of the Bloomberg system—free snacks! Was Mr. Rhodes excited for those?

"Everybody asks about that," he said. "Apparently, I lost a lot of weight in the last year, running around covering this campaign. Maybe I’ll gain it back now that I’m at Bloomberg."

David Rhodes Leaves Fox News; Talks of New Gig at Bloomberg TV