Dredden would serve as RSC chairman if asked

Republican political consultant George Dredden acknowledged today that he would serve as Republican State Chairman if asked.

“The position is not vacant. It’s Tom Wilson’s,” he said.

There is, however, a good chance that Wilson won’t stick around after the primary election to seek another term. That would leave it up to the Republican gubernatorial nominee to decide who he wants to run the state party.

“However, if the party would want me to serve, I would serve in any capacity that the party would like for me. If they would choose for me to be involved in that regard, I would almost certainly do it,” said Dredden.

Dredden, who’s originally from Maryland, lives in Parsippany. He’s a veteran of several Republican campaigns both in Maryland and New Jersey, including state Sen. Joe Pennacchio’s recent run for the party’s U.S. Senate nomination. He’s the former executive director of the National Black Republican Council of NJ, and is the former vice-president of the Parsippany-Troy Hills Republican club.

If tapped, Dredden would be the first African-American chairman of the State Republican Party. He’s an acquaintance of former Maryland Lt. Gov Michael Steele, who’s running for Republican National Committee chairman. Dredden would serve as RSC chairman if asked