Elsewhere: Bloomberg Gets His Projects, Gentile’s Rebate Lawsuit

The City Council approved both the plan for redeveloping Willets Point, and the plan for redeveloping Hunter's Point South: Eliot Brown has details

Hiram Monserrate exchanged words with unhappy businessmen from Willets Point.

In State Senate loss, is there a gain for Marty Connor?

Rudy Giuliani gives (some) support to Joe Mondello

Buffalo projects sneak under the  budget axe.

Mike Schenkler muses on Anthony Weiner's strategy for 2009: a long mayoral primary would make "Bloomberg's financial advantage less significant."

Al Gore will not join the Obama administration.

Would-be Republican mayoral candidate Bruce Blakeman was at the Regency Hotel this morning listening to Queens County Democratic Leader Joe Crowley's speech.

Queens is getting more Democratic under Crowley.

James Heaney notes that if David Paterson's education aid cuts are enacted, schools will still get more money than last year.

Vinny Gentile supports a lawsuit that would force Bloomberg to release the $400 property-tax rebates he recently rescinded. [2nd item]

Dan Miner finally gets some respect for his "crackpot" theory about oil prices.

The 86-year-old Democratic district leader of Flushing, Julia Harrison, may make a bid for John Liu's City Council seat.

A Williamsburg blogger is concerned that the area is getting "second-class" treatment.

One Bloomberg budget plan is not going over well in Queens.

City Councilwoman Diana Reyna has a new haircut.

Lee Landor: the "ghost" of East River tolling is back to haunt New Yorkers.

And Dick Parsons, free from the temptation of running for mayor, is popping up in some interesting business circles. Elsewhere: Bloomberg Gets His Projects, Gentile’s Rebate Lawsuit