Elsewhere: Geithner for Treasury, Maybe Not Cuomo for Senate

New York Fed President Timothy Geitner is almost certainly going to be Barack Obama's Treasury secretary.

Part of the deal to make Hillary Clinton secretary of state means Bill Clinton's speeches will have to be vetted.

David Paterson's spokeswoman says he didn't know about the very expensive rugs for the Governor's Mansion.

Patrick Gaspard chose a job with Obama over one with 1199 SEIU.

John Riley thinks that if Paterson is considering appointing Andrew Cuomo to Hillary Clinton's now likely vacated Senate seat because Cuomo might run for governor in 2010, he shouldn't.

A Long Island school has already been renamed for Obama.

Reuters notes Michael Bloomberg's popularity is at a three-year low.

A columnist in Kansas says Bloomberg is paying the price for his "arrogance."

Jonathan Hicks decodes the bond between Pedro Espada and Ruben Diaz, Sr.

Republicans didn't go after the seemingly-vulnerable Staten Island Assembly member Janele Hyer-Spencer because of internal polling and a lack of resources.

Barack Obama's appointment of Janet Napolitano to Homeland Security secretary means "the new Democratic administration will fundamentally change the tone of the nation's post-Sept. 11 approach to domestic security," writes the Washongton Post.

Janet Napolitano will be the first Democrat to lead the Department of Homeland Security, and since her expertise is more in immigration than anti-terrorism, there's reason to believe the department's priorities will change.

Here's a preview of Ashley Dupre's interview.

Sarah Palin does a TV interview while a turkey is slaughtered behind her.

Elsewhere: Geithner for Treasury, Maybe Not Cuomo for Senate