Elsewhere: Heat for Mondello, Obama’s Ethics Rules

Hundreds turned out to see David Paterson in Syracuse.

Westchester County passed a ban on idling vehicles.

With this law, public urination monies would go to Plattsburgh city coffers.

Hundreds of people, including Congress members Charlie Rangel and Jerry Nadler, are meeting to discuss global warming solutions in the new administration tomorrow. 

This blogger makes the case for Michael Bloomberg 2012.

Bloomberg's Californian soul mate says he's not joining the Obama administration.

The mayor of Los Angeles–who Bloomberg has raised money for– is going to Chicago to meet with Obama.

Malcolm Smith hired Angelo Aponte as his new chief of staff, which may address the lack of Hispanics in leadership.

A letter circulating says Republican State Chairman Joe Mondello's "inability to lead our party invariably has resulted in failure."

Newsday picks up the letter and writes that "pressure is mounting" on Mondello to step down.

Bill Thompson is trying to help Bronx residents with foreclosures.

Not surprisingly, Marty Markowitz opposes tolling East River bridges.

The Angry New Yorker is furious that a plan to replace Kosciuszko Bridge has been delayed because of a Native American tribe in Wisconsin.

State Conservative Party Chair Mike Long thinks changing the term-limits law was "arrogant."

Bill Gates praised, then criticized, New York City public schools.

Chief Judge Judith Kaye departs.

Matthew Bishop of the Economist looks at how Bloomberg and others leverage their philanthropic giving.

Two video bloggers discuss Eliot Spitzer and the changing attitudes towards elected officials have extramarital sex.

Barack Obama laid out the ethics rules for his transition team.

Anti-war advocates want Obama to dump Bob Gates.

Noam Scheiber thinks Obama's plan to focus on Osama bin Laden is "risky."

A portrait of Michelle Obama by Elizabeth Peyton is going on display at the New Museum.

Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is a major proponent of natural gas cars.

Send a text message to the troops.

Here are press contacts for the new administration.

Romney2012 alert: The Mormon church is staking out common political ground with non-Mormon social conservatives on the issue of same-sex marriage.

Hillary Clinton has access.

The three remaining members of the Gang of Four still aren’t ready to back Malcolm Smith for majority leader, and plan to have a say about same-sex marriage legislation.

Elsewhere: Heat for Mondello, Obama’s Ethics Rules