Elsewhere: M.T.A.’s ‘Deep Trouble,’ Obama’s A.G., Felder’s Plastic Bags

In Albany, Tom Golisano says he may put money towards a campaign in favor of David Paterson's spending cuts.

Malcolm Smith announced his transition team, which, among other familiar people, includes Hank Sheinkopf as communications director.

Dean Skelos was re-elected State Senate Republican leader.

Transit Blogger says that if the report about the M.T.A. is true "we are in deep trouble."

A blogger at Second Avenue Sagas thinks it could be true, but also might be a political stunt.

David Yassky and Bill Thompson filed suit to prevent the Brooklyn House of Detention from re-opening.

Vinny Ignizio and Jimmy Oddo are looking to lead a lawsuit to get the $400 rebates for homeowners.

Steve Levy is avoiding questions.

Austin Shafran accuses Republicans of disenfranchising minority votersin the race between Frank Padavan and Jim Gennaro.

The new Hillary Clinton appointment story is that she might turn down the offer of secretary of state.

"It's gotten a little far," says Barbara Walters of the Clinton speculation.

Howard Wolfson details what is already known about the Clintons' finances.

The A.P. reports Obama is thinking of appointing Eric Holder, a former Clinton official and Bronx native, as attorney general. (He would be the first African-American in the position).

Newsweek says he has the votes, and will appoint Holder.

Howard Dean defended letting Joe Lieberman keep his Senate privileges.

And below, video of Simcha Felder taking out a few plastic bags during a budget hearing and asking how much they're worth. Elsewhere: M.T.A.’s ‘Deep Trouble,’ Obama’s A.G., Felder’s Plastic Bags