Elsewhere: Obama’s Plan for Day One, Candidates Prepare for ’09

Barack Obama wants a stimulus package plan to be ready the day he takes office.

Wall Street appears to have responded favorably to the news.

Take note: "Bankruptcy sucks as a way to achieve real business resolution," a banker tells Joe Nocera. (via Plank)

According to a poll, voters are pleased with how Obama has handled the transition so far.

An aide to Joe Biden was appointed to replace him in the Senate, though he's widely considered a placeholder for Biden's son Beau, who's currently deployed in Iraq.

An old Republican State Senate hand--likely the first of many– puts in his papers.

Comptroller Tom DiNapoli projects the state will lose 225,000 jobs in the next two years.

Errol Louis writes, "This is Albany gridlock as we've always known it, but the stakes are much higher than usual."

This blogger is weary of New York asking Washington for bailout money.

Gotham Schools picks up on a somehwat uncomfortable idea from California: selling ad space on tests.

There's already a line-up for Eric Gioia's Long Island City City Council seat.

Brian Faughnan of the Weekly Standard thinks a Senator Cuomo could challenge Chuck Schumer's status.

The American Prospect looks at Bloomberg's transportation commissioner (and an unflattering run-in State Senator Jeff Klein had with a bicyclist).

In case you missed them, excellent vintage Bloomberg photos.

Elsewhere: Obama’s Plan for Day One, Candidates Prepare for ’09