Elsewhere: Skelos Goes South, Gore Hounds Obama

Irene Liu has a useful breakdown of what’s realistic and what’s at stake with the “group of four” Democratic State Senators threatening to vote with Republicans.

Dean Skelos is in Puerto Rico to see one of them.

Charles Barron is running for Congress again!

Norman Oder wonders if anyone working on Atlantic Yards got laid off.

State Senator Stephen Saland is not going anywhere.

The current and former Queens borough presidents attended a press conference urging the City Council to approve the plan for Willets Point.

A constituent blogger feels betrayed by Lew Fidler’s vote in favor of extending term limits.

Here’s all the footage you’ll need from the clash between celebrating hipsters and the NYPD Tuesday night.

Barack Obama is meeting with economic advisers tomorrow, a group that includes Larry Summers, Warren Buffet, Penny Pritzker, Richard Parsons, Robert Reich, Robert Rubin and Google founder Eric Schmidt, among others.

Appointing Rahm Emanuel was a comforting message to centrists, wrtites Mark Ambinder.

David Axelrod will be a senior adviser in the Obama White House.

Al Gore will not let Obama rest.

Harry Reid held a meeting with Joe Lieberman, made no decisions.

First Dog Barney bit the press.

Elsewhere: Skelos Goes South, Gore Hounds Obama