Elsewhere: Suozzi Madness, Lieberman on Obama

Speculation about Tom Suozzi taking Hillary Clinton's Senate seat suddenly spread today, leading one national politics blogger to write, "Thomas who?"

There's also speculation that Clinton can't constitutionally take the job.

Bob Gates will stay at the Department of Defense.

Barack Obama says he will not do favors for his friends.

Joe Lieberman says that everything Obama has done "since election night" has been "about perfect."

Under pressure from Andrew Cuomo, A.I.G. dramatically curtailed executive pay.

Cuomo says this will not be a big deal for tax revenue.

The Angry New Yorker is irate that the M.T.A. knew it had huge financial problems at least two years ago, and kept borrowing.

After community opposition, Con Ed decided not to sell land in Astoria to Fed Ex.

Anthony Weiner critisized Michael Bloomberg for, among other things, ignoring infrastructure.

State Senator Frank Padavan, whose re-election seems almost certain, makes a staff announcement many Republicans will have to make soon.

Monroe County will not challenge a ruling that requires it extend benefits to a lesbian couple who were married in Canada.

Andrew Stengel testified in favor of universal voter registration at a City Council hearing today.

New Jersey's State Senate passed Jon Corzine's economic stimulus package.

Chuck Schumer and Sarah Palin were both given an award by Field and Stream magazine.

The Spitzer affair is not going to go away quickly or quietly.

Jay Gallagher says a calculator won’t help with budget math.

Renderings for Coney Island stay weird.

And asked if he'll run for president again, John McCain laughed. Elsewhere: Suozzi Madness, Lieberman on Obama